Serving the Beekeepers of East Texas since 1985
What does the ETBA do in our area?

Education, meetings, training, Honey Queens...

Maybe you have noticed bees in the news.  


Stories seem to be everywhere about bees disappearing, the lack of beekeepers,being “green”. Sometimes, people are scared by the idea of Africanized “Killer” bees.


There’s a lot of good and bad information out there.  


That is one of the reasons we exist!

1) A helpful and informative monthly newsletter


2) The opportunity to hear presentations by leading individuals in beekeeping and related areas


 3) Access to an extensive and up-to-date video and book library


4) Hands on experience in workshops and classes conducted by experienced beekeepers


5) The opportunity for one-on-one discussions with any of our veteran beekeepers (many of which are willing to mentor less experienced beekeepers on their own time)


6) Fun, food and fellowship at each of our monthly meetings


7) Access to the latest scientific and political data effecting bees and beekeeping


The list goes on and on - so what are you waiting for? Join the East Texas Beekeepers Association today and begin enjoying the benefits of membership!



Most people are interested in bees.

Beekeeping and the public